Which are the payment methods accepted on the website?

When completing your purchase you can choose among credit card via PayPal, deposit in account or cash payment if you are collecting the goods in the store. 


What is the deadline for confirmation of payment?

Confirmation of the order payment will be within two (2) business days; if after that you will not receive a confirmation email, you should contact Customer Services.


How can I cancel a purchase?

If the payment selected was bank form and the payment has not yet been made, the order will be automatically cancelled on the day following the payment due date with no charges to you.


What is an Electronic Invoice or E-Invoice?

An Electronic Invoice (Nota Fiscal Eletrônica – NFE) is a digital document electronically issued and stored aiming to document, for tax purposes, an operation of circulation of goods or provision of services. Its legal validity is assured by the sender’s digital signature (warranty of authorship and integrity) and by the receipt of the electronic document before the occurrence of the taxable event.



Delivery of orders

In addition to the manufacturer’s package, all products sold on the website are sent in boxes or exclusive envelopes developed to assure the products’ quality and avoid damages. Before receiving the delivery, please check if the packaging is not broken or torn; in such case, do not accept the package and contact Customer Services.

Important! When delivery is made by the Post Office to difficult access or risk areas, your purchase may be directed for pickup at the Post Office nearest to the addressee’s zip code.


How can I track the delivery of my order?

To track the delivery of your order in our website, access “My Orders” and you’ll receive the Brazilian Post Office Website tracking code.


What is the delivery term of my order?

After making a purchase, the delivery time will start counting after confirmation of your registration data and confirmation of payment; the analysis of registration data may take up to 1 business day. 

Important! Delivery terms are calculated as of the date of payment approval and may vary according to the mode of selected delivery and informed Zip Code; and you may select the type of delivery on the purchase completion page. 



How can request a return?

You may request a return within seven (07) consecutive days after receiving your order, but pay attention to our exchange and return policy:

– We DO NOT refund delivery costs, except only if your entire order was faulty or incorrect. 

– All items of the return request should be forwarded by customers;

– Products should be returned in their original packaging;

– Products may not contain signs of use, but rather signs of trial only. 


If the above rules are not complied with the return request items shall not be returned to the customer. 

Requesting a return of your product is quite simple! Just email to  or open a message in the Customer Services area on the website; the instructions will be mailed to you.


To return the product just use the form emailed to you containing the addressee’s details of your post. Remember:

– You should go to a Post Office bringing the product for mailing;


What are the reimbursement options for a return?

When requesting a return you may choose to receive a refund of your purchase according to the method of payment selected or a credit note.

It can take 30 days to refund. 

Important! Banking data should be of the person registered in our website so that we can make the appropriate deposit in the account.