How to apply perfume – The right way

  • Contrary to the general idea, spray on your wrists but don’t rub it in! If you are going to shake people’s hands, spray the forearm, neck and sides, chest and nape. To make it last longer, spray on your clothes but remember to check the color of the liquid.
  •  The amount would depend on the perfume intensity and characteristic: if it is heavier, sweet, spicy or woody, go easy! My suggestion would be 1 to 3 spritzes; if it is citrus, aquatic or floral go to 3 to 6 spritzes.


How to choose

  • Climate is first and paramount in this dilemma: in spring and summer or where it is hotter, choose fresher and lighter fragrances; in the fall and winter enjoy heavier, sweeter and spicier scents.
  • Occasion is everything! In formal situations avoid strong fragrances; save them for more casual times such as parties and informal meetings.


How to keep

  • Forget the bathroom sink counter; keep perfumes in places with no sunlight, humidity or heat. Choose the closet or wardrobe, drawers and coolest, unlit places.
  • You can leave the bottle in or out of the box – what matters is the chosen location.



  • Perfumes have three stages: opening (top notes), middle (heart notes) and base (bottom notes). Wait a few minutes to find out all facets of the perfume and confirm whether you like it or not (if there was the famous “skin chemistry”).
  • Olfactory Fatigue: The lighter the perfume the easier your nose will get used to it and you believe that the fragrance disappeared. Before thinking that the perfume evaporated, check with people around you.
  • The type of skin is a major influencer in the perfume duration; oily skin holds it a bit longer, while dry skin finds it more difficult.
  • More natural perfumes with no synthetic compounds tend to fixate a little less.



  •  Tabac D'Or is a dark liquid and may stain your clothes; apply it on your skin and wait a few minutes before putting on light color clothes!