The family origin started in France with their important role played in French royalty history. The first Prince of Condé was Louis I de Bourbon (1530-1557), known as “Le Grand Condé”, famous for his great deeds in wars and many battles won. The family was persecuted by Napoleon and their last member in France was executed in 1830 at the Vincennes Castle at the eastern edge of central Paris. To survive, the Condés escaped to Portugal having a warm welcoming at the Court. When the Portuguese Court came to Brazil in 1808 the Condé family was granted some lands in Minas Gerais.Minas is the birthplace of the family in Brazil; from there they spread out to several locations in the country.



In their grand days in France the Condé family as other aristocratic families at the time, kept beautiful gardens and aromatic flowers in their 3 manors: the House Condé (6e arrondissement), the Chantilly Castle and the Condé-en-Brie Castle (in Aisne). The love for great fragrances has always been in the family DNA and as nature took its course it emerged now in perfumer Fábio Condé.