Contrary to famous designer labels who treat perfumes as accessories to their portfolio, a niche perfumery treats perfumes as their ‘core creation’, offering exclusive, unique fragrances in a more restricted distribution.

People today are tired of mass production and are seeking a unique, unusual, unheard-of scent and, if possible, a personal signature.

Art and creativity come first in niche perfumery. There is higher investment in raw materials and a lot more freedom and creativity to the perfumer who handcrafts the fragrances like in old times.

Because theirs is a small-scale production, their focus is on the clients called “connaisseurs”, collectors who are more interested in the liquid than in marketing or in the celebrities’ perfumes’ fantasy.

There are different niches within perfumery: Exclusive, De Luxe, Vegan, Arabian, Conceptual, Religious, Indie, etc.

Condé Parfum is an ‘Indie’ or ‘independent’ niche perfumery: an outlier, unconventional, alternative, creative and predominantly natural.


Condé Parfum believes that scents have no gender thus leaving behind labels such as “male” and “female”, as he is sure that consumers build their own story from a unique and personal identity.